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Near-perfect spring weather graced San Marcos for last weekend’s Downtown Swing festival. This year’s celebration of swing music (Swing on the Square in 2017) had more venues and performers and, for the first time, all events were open to the public. The festival was a project of Main Street, which Manager Samantha Armbruster noted, showcased downtown’s thriving music scene. The Saturday morning Farmer’s Market on San Antonio Street featured acts including The Swingettes, who brought their own brand of Western Swing tunes plus old standards. Shown above are Nick Lochman on standup bass, Ian Lee on fiddle and Dan Holmes on piano. Their rendition of “Won’t You Ride in My Little Red Wagon” drew fans of all ages, including those as young as Ava Raynn Swindle, shown at left.

Daily Record photos by Denise Cathey


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