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Mock has tunnel vision

Mock has tunnel vision


The article in the June 3, 2018 Daily Record titled “Learning lessons from Greenville, S.C. “ contains extensive quotes from San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce president Jason Mock, which are ironic considering what I have observed of Mr. Mock in action. Referring to Greenville, Mr. Mock states, presumably approvingly, “The story they shared was one of working together for the betterment of the whole community.” Hopefully this will prove to be an epiphany for Mr. Mock.

I have admittedly seen only a small sample of Mr. Mock’s activities as Chamber president, but they have consistently demonstrated a tunnel vision approach to issues in which the interests of local businesses conflict with those of surrounding neighborhoods or already existing businesses. In the case of Gumby’s application to serve alcohol on a late night basis in a location immediately next door to a sorority house and other businesses which would be adversely affected, Mr. Mock’s comments to City Council showed no concern for anyone but Gumby’s. Likewise with Wonder World Park’s attempt to begin serving alcohol even though the park is surrounded for blocks in all directions by neighborhoods, Mr. Mock’s only evident concern was for the interests of the park’s owners. In his several exhortations to City Council to adopt Code SMTX “immediately” even though serious issues involving collateral damage to neighborhoods from inappropriate development remained unresolved, Mr. Mock was unconcerned about anything but the interests of developers.

I understand that one requirement of Mr. Mock’s position is that he be an advocate for business generally and Chamber members specifically, but all of San Marcos’ businesses exist as part of a larger community. Some sensitivity to that fact might improve Mr. Mock’s effectiveness. Not coincidentally, Mr. Mock was unsuccessful in each of the incidents referenced above.

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